A Startup’s Guide for Launching an Online Marketing Campaign

Businesses become brands with time. Besides offering a good service or product, brands are also consistent with their marketing efforts. If you have a startup in Singapore, you need to focus on your marketing campaign from the start. In this post, we will talk about the steps for launching a marketing campaign online.

  • Know your customers. Unless you know your audience, marketing your company is like a shot in the dark. Try to understand the market, so that you can break the audience into segments and plan your strategies in a way to cater to each of these segments.
  • Set a budget. Online marketing can be expensive, because there are a lot of paid promotional techniques. It is wise to have an idea of what you can afford and to what extent. For this, you need to find a reliable service, which is the next step.
  • Find a known marketing agency. As a small business, you don’t have the money or resources to waste in guesses. A good idea is to hire a professional marketing agency that specializes in online marketing and digital strategies. Check their previous projects and do ask for a quote in advance.

  • Don’t rush with your campaign. Online marketing can be lucrative, but it is always wise to take one step at a time. Talk to your agency and find their inputs on how you can start the process without investing huge at the initial stages.
  • Balance your efforts. As mentioned, online marketing involves paid strategies like PPC, paid social media promotions and search engine marketing, but at the same time, you can also need to use organic marketing techniques, like SEO.
  • Leverage social media channels. If you want quick success in the digital world, you need to use platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in the best possible ways. Ads are always useful, but you can also make the most of social media to connect with your audiences.

  • Email marketing is important. As a small business, you would want leads that convert into sales. For that, you need to make the most of email marketing. Email marketing can help in reaching local customers in Singapore, and you can find ways to offer discounts and other deals.

Lastly, don’t miss on checking reports. Online marketing is a continual process, but you can track the results easily. Ask your agency to offer monthly SEO and marketing reports.