AlienWare 13: A Peek under the Hood

A company that produces a complicated product, that’s Alienware. While some say the laptops are overpriced others have an opinion that they create powerful products that are worth the extra money. Regardless of which side you stand, they do make some solid machines.

With Spectacular 1440p resolution and 225.9 pixels per inch, gaming and browsing can be extremely pleasing to your eyes. Yet some say it would be overkill for the relatively small panels.

As we mentioned before about Alienware being pricy, it is one of the very few brands that comes with OLED screens. It is a shame that many high end brands are yet to introduce OLED screens to their products which helps make the games look prettier, contrasting with vibrant colours and Alienware 13 has made it one of the best things on it. Think about deeper blacks you get on your games, now that’s eye pleasing. Oh and by the way, it’s a touch-screen. So it’s no surprise this piece of Art it pricey. Well in our opinion these features makes you forget the extra you’ve paid to get it.

Talking about the built quality, this beast is not tamed. The high end product has a very firm body and protective plastic over the keyboard which is welcoming. However with 2.6KG of weight and 31mm thickness it’s a power house for which you need to get a bigger bag to carry around. So be cautious not to drop accidently and wipe out a small city.

Design for the laptop is kept to a minimal with LED lighting and Alienware logo plastered on the lid. Not a pretty beast either.

Unlike the usual laptops in the market Alienware 13 has its keyboard non mechanical despite its price tag but feels really good with minimal pressure that’s needed for typing. We also happened to notice a solid metal plate underneath the keyboard that stops any flex as you game or type which feels amazing! Goes the same for the touchpad, with accurate and responsive feedbacks the two physical left and right clicks are a plus.

While both the keyboard and track-pad get the benefits of RGB LED lighting which helps you from loosing track in the dark it also drains your battery. However there are options to switch it off or if you love it on you have nine different customizable zones that can be played with for different settings like color cycling.

Despite the tag ‘high end’ the webcam may disappoint you if you may need it for more than just regular chats with your mates. The microphone is reasonable though.

With i7-7700HQ processor and graphic card of Nvidia GTX1060 and a RAM of 16GB, the Alienware 13 is reasonably powerful package. Usually Alienware offers only bigger SSD drives up to a 1TB that too for an expensive price tag, however with a 256GB SSD you can run Windows 10 along with a couple of high end games nice and smooth.

When it comes to versions, Alienware knocks down its specifications as the versions vary with slight price differences.

Given enough stress for the whole system the heat generated from back of the processer may reach up to 100cc, although the fans doesn’t get noisy for light loads. Coming down to speakers, they have done a fair job to produce clarity sound that dodges the machine noise..

With Games set up with 1440p we may see the Alienware struggling to run even with the competent GTX 1060. Not to be surprised as it is something of a testament to some games that they look really good and run smooth at the same time on a variety of hardware. You may notice while watching the benchmarks some wildly inconsistent frame rates. In order to get the magical 60FPS while playing at 1440p you might have to drop the resolution to 1080p for gaming.

Now, you may have suffered with powerful laptops draining of battery despite the humongous size? But Alienware 13 has done a decent job in keeping the whole system up for about 5 hours on an above average use. But when it comes to gaming the GTX 1060 can hog your battery power. So we suggest you plug in.

Upgrading the hardware is surprisingly simple; all you have to do is flip it over and unscrew a few screws.

On the I/O side of things the laptop is reasonably well equipped with the back being home to the power adapter, Alienware’s proprietary amplifier connection, a Gigabit Ethernet port, a Thunderbolt 3 port, mini-display port and an HDMI slot for plugging it into a monitor or TV screen. You also get a two Type A and two type C USB slots and audio connections for a microphone and headphones. That’s an impressive selection of connections.

Summing up the Alienware 13 is annoyingly heavy but you would never regret choosing it for a good time gaming, even though you may feel like the GTX 1060 just isn’t powerful enough to handle 1440p gaming. Also while watching a movie it might be better to get the settings to 1080p panel so you can get higher settings while touching the 60FPS magical threshold.

Alienware’s solution to this will be the external graphic amplifier so that the workload gets shifted to the external amplifier from the internal card in order to get the best out of the OLED screen, but at the same time making it even pricier.

Setting aside all the debates on pricing and power under the hood Alienware is still one of the best in the market with great quality. However, End of the day it’s you who decides what you want to pay for. So come by to know more about gaming devices and games at our store, where we buy and sell video games online.