5 Crucial Things You Should Know about Analog Security Cameras – Nandan Soft

Since security is becoming a global concern for organisations, the need for surveillance cameras has increased. When it comes to choosing the right security camera for your organisation, workplace or homes, the decision has to be made between either choosing a digital security camera which is also known as IP cameras or an analog security camera. Both these cameras are equipped with certain features that make it desirable and you should consider all the features before you go ahead and buy one.

If you are planning to buy an analog security camera, then here are 5 things that you should know about them:

  1. Video Signal- The main difference between an analog and digital security camera is in terms of the video signal that is delivered. The analog camera turns the signal of the video into a format, which can be received by a receiver such as television, monitor or VCR. Since the analog camera does not make use of digital signals, the Hikvision backdoor password is much more secure.
  2. Transmission- The transmission of signals in case of analog cameras can be carried out with the help of both wireless and wired connections. Cat 5 cables are recommended if you want to go for a wired transmission.
  3. Pricing- If the pricing of analog and digital security cameras are compared, then you can see that analog security cameras are way more affordable as they have a less cost. If you are looking for a remote monitoring, then these cameras are quite well suited and appropriate.
  4. Design- There are a number of models and designs in analog cameras. You can either choose a large PTZ model or a mini covert camera depending on your requirements. If you need a unique type of surveillance for your business place or home, then there are high chances that you will find an analog camera that is designed just according to the specifications that you require.
  5. Compatibility- The analog versions of cameras allow you to mix and match the cameras from different brands. This is very advantageous in cases when you already have a camera installed and you wish to incorporate more in your surveillance systems.

It is very important to understand your requirements before you purchase analog cameras. The above mentioned points will surely help you understand whether an analog camera will meet your needs or not.