How to Tell if an HDMI Cable Is Bad – Nandan Soft

High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) cable is a standard for connecting high definition video devices, most PCs, and multimedia devices such as TVs that come with HDMI ports.

HDMI cables can go bad at any time. You probably can’t tell if a cable is bad just by looking at the cable since all its wires are solder manually by workers and by hand, there is every possibility some of these cables can come with little errors from these HDMI cable making companies. Most times, a cable will go bad as a result of too many unplugs and plugins.

Some symptom of a bad HDMI cable.

  • No sound at all
  • Foggy or bleary picture
  • Sully Picture Quality
  • Bad screen resolution
  • No picture and sound

It’s easy just to conclude your HDMI cable is bad, though some of these problems might pose a bigger issue, sometimes some of these issues that look serious might just be a simple check of your cable or just a simple replacement. Before going through the stress of troubleshooting, be sure to check your HDMI cable.

Some Easy Fix.

  • Take a very close look at your HDMI cable, and the problem might be staring at you, look out for bent pins or some dirt in between the pins. For example, too many cables tightly coiled as a result of too many wires or connection. A simple unlinking of these coiled cables could be of great help.
  • If separating these cables seems not to be the answer, make sure you check the port for any dents or dirt in it. Simply blow out any dirt you might find in the HDMI port and try your connection again.
  • Make sure the port and the HDMI cable are compatible. Ensure you check the pins and take a good look at your HDMI cable pins, both cable and the port have to be compatible if not the connection would be incomplete and will lead to faulty output via the pins.
  • If you are pretty sure your HDMI cable is the problem, maybe it’s time you change it. Look for a good HDMI cable if you don’t have any spare cables. HDMI cables are not that expensive, buying a new one will cost you some few bucks. However, ensure you are buying a very good cable that will work without much hassle this time around. You can consider getting one from PrimeCables; they sell high-quality cables. It will also be nice if you buy at least two cables; an extra cable can come in handy to save the day if such cases repeat itself.