Not happy with your DTH? Change the channel

You are not obliged to suffer expensive monthly packs and poor services from your existing DTH provider. Just switch to a provider like Airtel and enjoy watching TV like never before.

More and more homes are ditching traditional cable TV connections in favour of DTH TV today. And why not? DTH connections offer amazing picture clarity, great sound output and the pick of the best channels ever. In exchange for fitting a dish antenna on the roof of your building or the window sill, you can get all the channels you need at a price that you wish to pay.

DTH connections also provide the comfort of giving you exactly what you pay for, instead of force-feeding you channels that you are never going to watch anyway. Your cable connection throws a bumper crop of every kind of genre and Indian language at you – but are you likely to watch even half of these channels? You are forced to pay a monthly fee for poor reception, channels you don’t need, and overall bad service.

That is not to say that all DTH providers in the country offer the same level of professional services and reception that you desire. You might already be a DTH customer – albeit an unhappy one. You might not be happy with the picture quality, your monthly DTH recharge may not come through at the right time, and your plan might be too expensive. Repeated complaints fall on deaf ears, and sometimes, pack prices are increased randomly without notifying you first.

All in all, you are distressed by your current DTH provider’s antics. So what should you do? It’s simple – just flip the channel and move to another provider, like Airtel.

Why Airtel DTH?

As a paying customer, you can certainly demand the best picture and sound quality, a wide array of channels, reasonably priced monthly packs, easy installation process, and simple DTH recharge every month. Airtel DTH plans are amongst the best across service providers in India at the moment. Just change your DTH plan to an Airtel one and see the difference it makes to your TV viewing habits.

When you change your DTH plan to Airtel DTH, this is what you can expect:

  • The best ever picture and sound quality, with no stutters, no sudden outages, and no chance of poor reception in inclement weather.
  • The chance to control your TV viewing experience. Get a wide array of channels of your choice, and even catch up on content that you missed in the last week simply by recording it and playing it back at your leisure.
  • Affordable monthly packs – starting pack costs only Rs 292! You can look up the other monthly packs available for the city of your residence.
  • Get in on the ongoing T20 cricket action, as also other live sporting events, with crystal clear picture and zero time lag transmission.
  • Get a large choice amongst both paid and free, SD and HD channels. You are at liberty to change the DTH plan at a later date to include more channels or change the pack entirely.
  • An HD compatible set top box for your Smart TV, with multiple options to upgrade the box at a later date.
  • Quick and simple installation process, and a single universal remote for both the set top box and the TV set.
  • Simple monthly recharge process, using the myAirtel app or the Airtel website. The recharge is done in just a few simple steps.

Airtel DTH has time and again proved its credentials as one of the best DTH connections across service providers in India today. Once you change your DTH plan to an Airtel DTH one, you will never feel the need to switch to another provider ever again.