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Simply delivering the work service or product towards the customer might not continually be a great indicator of project success. Client satisfaction is an integral part of project success and it ought to be measured. PMP PDU courses that permit a student to earn PMP PDU online credits includes this subject.

The most typical method to measure client satisfaction is generally via a survey. This is often easily done utilizing a web-based application. These applications normally have an authoring program which makes writing surveys simple and in addition it can make quick reports to see results.

Here are a few fundamental question/groups that can help determine client satisfaction via a survey:

How good was the communication through the project lifecycle

How good were updates conveyed

How good were conferences conducted

The deliverable quality

How good organized was the work

Feedback Techniques

Within a project, a task manager might need to give both reinforcing and corrective feedback to project team people. Reinforcing or positive feedback is usually simpler to provide than corrective feedback.

Effective corrective feedback helps you to build more powerful relationships than just escalating the problem one stage further of management.

Here are a few characteristics of effective corrective feedback:

Feedback ought to be delivered within an understanding and supportive manner

Feedback is offered inside a timely and regular manner

Feedback encourages self-assessment

Feedback concentrates on modifiable behavior

Feedback is non-judgmental

Feedback concentrates on preferred actions

Feedback is performed privately

Task 7: Feedback Techniques

Listed here are four quick steps to performing a feedback session:

Make a private and safe feedback atmosphere

Provide the feedback

Develop an plan of action through collaboration

Recap the session

When delivering feedback remember these steps:

Always start with an optimistic statement and concentrate on the good trait first

Define the preferred behavior and also the gap that requires correcting

Ask the participant the things they can do today to decrease or get rid of the gap

Create a plan

All Domains- Mix-Cutting understanding and Skills

Through the five domains, specific understanding and skills were needed to be able to effectively execute each task under each domain. Additionally to those domain-specific skills, you will find Mix-Cutting skills which are required for success through the entire project process, traversing all domains. PMP PDU Courses that permit a student to earn PMP PDU online credits includes types of this. Developing and applying these skills can help the work manager experience greater success managing projects.

All Domains- Mix-Cutting understanding and Skills List

Active listening

Brainstorming techniques

Conflict resolution techniques

Cultural sensitivity & diversity

Data gathering techniques

Making decisions techniques


Information management tools, techniques & methods

Leadership tools & techniques


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