Security Certifications – Top Three Infosec Certifications

There are lots of security certifications available, from basic level to advanced and from very general to very focused. Picking the very best three is likely to be questionable, and definitely feedback on my small selections of the very best three security certifications is asked.

I made use of the next criteria to choose the very best three information security certifications:

* Well-known — An accreditation must be well considered to be considered. That omits newer security certifications, as security certifications which have been around longer are naturally also known.

* Popular — I additionally considered the recognition of the several security certifications the particular number of individuals who’ve been certified. This favors the older and much more established security certifications.

* General Purpose — Only general purpose, vendor neutral security certifications, were considered. This instantly removed many security certifications from consideration.

Observe that this isn’t an purchased listing of certifications: I make no make an effort to claim one is preferable to another. Actually which certification, or no, is best will be different from person to person.

The very best three are:

The Certified Computer Security Professional (CISSP)

The CISSP certification may be the earliest security certification around and also the most widely known. You will find over 60,000 CISSPs.

The CISSP exam covers several topics, many not typically connected with information security. No make an effort to made be leading edge neither is there any on the job type information.

The CISSP exam is multiple choice, composed of 250 questions over six hrs. It’s taken using paper and pencil.

The certification can last for 3 years, and you may renew by retaking test, something very little one ever does, or by earning the right number and kinds of ongoing professional education (CPE) credits.

Security Essentials Certification (GSEC)

The SANS GIAC GSEC certification is an extremely popular certification comparable in difficulty towards the CISSP. Unlike the CISSP, it emphasizes skills which are immediately helpful at work, including on the job skills.

The GSEC exam includes 180 multiple choice questions having a 5 hour time period limit, and also the test is open book. The GSEC certification exam must be retaken every four years. There’s no requirement for ongoing education, only a solid knowledge of the fabric.


The Safety certification is a beginner security certification. You will find 50,000 certified professionals, however as it is basic level and far simpler than CISSP or GSEC, not as well considered.The exam includes 100 multiple choice questions having a 90 minute time period limit. Security is really a “certification for existence” – no renewal ever needed.

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