Should You Have a Smartphone Repaired or Replaced? – Nandan Soft

Although they are coming down in price, many smartphone brands are expensive. If you damage the screen on your smartphone, instead of replacing it if it’s not under warranty, you should try to get the screen repaired. By repairing it, you will save money by not paying for another mobile.

Damage Covered by Warranty

If your mobile phone is covered by a warranty, then you may not need to pay for repairs. Most warranties cover damage due to theft, malfunctions, liquid, and physical damage. However, once your device warranty is expired, then you will be responsible for paying for any damage that occurs to it.

Some people buy protection plans so that if something does happen after the warranty expires, their devices are still covered and they won’t need to pay for repairs. Depending on the cost of the device and its importance to you, paying for a protection plan may be less expensive than buying a new phone, depending on the type of damage.

The main problem with warranty coverage is that sometimes the company will replace rather than repair your mobile. If it’s replaced, you will lose all your contact information, your files, and the photographs that you’ve taken with it. However, if you’ve backed everything up to the cloud or posted all the pics online, then you will retain everything.

Repairing Mobiles

If you decide to have the phone repaired while under warranty, it will need to be sent to the manufacturer, which is usually in another country. It could take weeks before you see your smartphone again and most people cannot have their mobiles out of sight for that long. While you can get a temporary mobile to use while yours is being repaired, saving information to it can be a chore for only a short time.

When repairs are needed, there are businesses that will fix any make and model of smartphone. Unless the device is too badly damaged, they can usually repair most components in the phone to get it working again. For instance, if you dropped your mobile and the screen shattered, you could take it in for a smartphone screen repair in Earls Court.

Cost of Smartphone Repairs

The cost of getting a smartphone screen fixed depends on the make and model of mobile you own. For instance, replacing the screen on an iPhone can cost anywhere from £85 to £125, depending on the model. This is far less than buying a new iPhone, especially if yours was part of a family plan or you got a discount on it.

In some cases, it may be better to replace the phone with a new model than have it repaired. For the cost of replacing the screen, you can have a new mobile or put a nice down payment on a new one. You always have the option of repairing it yourself but not everyone has the skills to fix electronic equipment. However, if you do, you could save a significant amount of money on repairs.