Tips to read any car like a book – Nandan Soft

To make your life easier in big cities, you need to own a car. Even a used car will do as long as it is of good quality and doesn’t have a tendency to break down all the time. You should however go armed with knowledge if you intend to buy a used car online Bangalore or you might fall prey to unscrupulous car dealers.

Before you consider buying any used car you have to think about the risks involved. So to play safe, download any available vehicle reports of the used car you plan to buy from the website, find out how many have owned it, the number of accidents, year of its manufacture etc.

There may be a lot of facts proving that it’s in good state but once you take a look at its pictures you might clearly see some draw backs in it.

And remember; don’t spend a penny on any car advertisement that has no photos. Because nowadays everyone has a decent camera, and if anything goes on without photos that means something fishy is going on with it.

A vehicle owned by an Engineer or a Manager would surely be in a good state than a vehicle owned by a junk yard owner. There are exceptions but those are rare. So basically, consider a car that was used by a professional because such cars are actually taken care of and well looked after.

The car may look great but once you view its odometer (mileage meter) you will see that it has almost gone around the world.  Do not even waste your time on vehicles that has run more than five lakhs of kilometers.