What Are the Typical Job Responsibilities of QlikView Developer?

QlikView is a data visualization tool, which is very much similar to Tableau. It is one of the fastest and widely used BI tools. It is easy to deploy and also easy to learn. With the use of QlikView, one can easily analyse data in a simple and precise way.

If you are interested to start a career in QlikView, but don’t know what the job responsibilities of a QlikView developer are then this article will surely help you out. Before that, just keep in mind that there is a great demand for it and one can grab Qlikview jobs opportunity easily.

First of all, there are two types of roles in Qlikview, which every QlikView developer has to work on and they come under dashboard development.

  1. Creation of data model in the backend
  2. Working on the UI or Frontend

Developers who work on backend mainly deal with data transformations, writing scripts, generating QVDs, selecting the best schema for data and many more things according to the project demands.

Developers, who work on frontend, mainly deal with macros, tables, charts, look for color combinations and work on raw data to get the desired values.

QlikView developers are responsible to remove unused objects as they capture huge amount of memory of the system making the system to slow down. They analyse the dashboard using analyzer or Qlikview optimizer as they are the safest tool for performing this particular task.

Depending on the data model, the task is assigned to the developer. For example, if the dashboard is small then a single person can handle it so that it will not affect the production cycle.

The main responsibility of a QlikView developer is to create dashboards and extract data from SQL Server, Oracle or Excel files. Data modeling and visualization technique, which is a very sensitive job, is also taken care of by QlikView developer.

Interface design, coding and data model design are the backbone of every QlikView developer. If you are interested to be a QlikView developer then you should match up with these qualities in order to sustain in this tough game.

If you are thinking what the future of QlikView will be, then keep in mind that it is the best BI tool in the market and there is a high demand for it. If you have the ability to come out of every odd situation then you can step towards QlikView without any second thought in mind. These days, all MNCs have Qlikview jobs opportunity, so there’s no need to worry about jobs too.