What Factors Influence Price of Bare Printed Circuit Boards

The initial step prior to real manufacturing would be to check if the circuit could be implemented in a normal manner. Several printed circuit board assembly manufacturers would be providing you with free design for manufacturing check services. You could rely on them for reducing the assembly cost of printed circuit board.

Several aspects would be associated with the cost of printed circuit boards. However, for reduction of the cost of base printed circuit boards, different measures could be done for every element.

  1. The layer count

It would be pertinent to mention here that adding a layer count would increase the cost of printed circuit board. When you look forward to increasing the layer to a single circuit board, the expense would increase largely.

  1. The vias technology

The vias, inclusive of the buried vias, blind vias or even microvias would be playing a major role in building interconnections on a specific circuit board. It would not be wrong to suggest that with several kinds of vias coming together, the cost and small diameters would increase in cost. The result would be expensive printed circuit boards. As a result, it would be imperative to arrange the number of vias carefully. It would help in reducing the cost of base printed circuit boards while guaranteeing adequate functionality.

  1. Shape and size

It is imperative that circuit boards should be designed in a neat and functional manner. The size of the printed circuit boards should be corresponding to the need of pick and place equipment that would be owned by the PCB assembly manufacturer. The design should be accurate and easily implemented for functionality. The panels should be recommended when essential. However, having improved density and complexities of contemporary electronics, small printed circuit boards would be highly complex. You should be rest assured that small does not imply to cut down on its cost. The shape would also be affecting the cost of PCBs. The standard rectangle or square shapes would be relatively lower in cost, whereas, special shapes would be highly expensive.

  1. Surface finishing

The pads need to be safe from being oxidized. The surface finish would help make sure you gain good soldering along with superb performance. Several kinds of surface finishes have been popular for providing their own benefits and drawbacks. You would be required to choose the surface finish that type that would be suitable to your specific product’s needs.

The cost of printed circuit boards would have several aspects, every one of which could lead to change in the final purchasing price offered by printed circuit board manufacturers. It would be imperative that primary aspects should be addressed in assembly of PCB, which would be made simple by locating the right PCB manufacturer.