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Exactly the same technology that’s been utilized by the Navy for communication: sonar, could be employed to treat heart failure, diabetes or any other illnesses.

College at Zoysia, a number one research center is focusing on the opportunity to make use of this technology for medical diagnosis and transmitting information.

The advancement depends on sensors which use ultrasound. Ultrasound has been utilized by military submarines as well as in medical offices. Much like the way the navy subs communicate between one another, medical devices like a pacemaker could communicate and transmit pertinent data by radio waves. Exploration in this region has been around development for more than ten years. However, the main focus was on electromagnetic rf waves, much like ones in Gps navigation units or mobile phones. Drawbacks of electromagnetic rf waves include the quantity of heat created and that is required. Because the is made mostly water, over 65 %, electromagnetic waves don’t easily propagate. These studies concentrates on ultrasound networking through body sensors via a closed-loop mixture of mathematical modeling, simulation, and experimental evaluation.

“This can be a biomedical advancement that may transform the way you take care of people struggling with the main illnesses in our time,Inch stated Tommaso Melodia, PhD, UB affiliate professor of electrical engineering.

Dr. Melodia is based on a nationwide Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER grant for his research, “Towards Ultrasound Networking for Implantable Biomedical Device,” The NSF Career grant is recognized as a very respected award and can last five years.

“Consider the way the Navy uses sonar to speak between submarines and identify enemy ships,” Melodia stated. “It is the identical principle, only put on ultrasound sensors which are sufficiently small to operate together in the body and much more effectively help treat illnesses.”

“We’re really just scratching the top of what is possible. You will find numerous potential applications,” he stated.

The study will concentrate on several areas:

Design a testbed and evaluate via a simulator of ultrasound networksdesign transmission as well as networking protocols for intra-body sensors,

Design the very first existing reconfigurable testbed for experimental look at ultrasound systems.

The work may also produce a scholar enter in ultrasound networking and it is applications a brand new graduate/undergraduate course on acoustic/ultrasound networking and broadening technology work in this subject.