Worried about increasing cost of printing supplies? Check these smart tips! – Nandan Soft

Despite automation and digitization, printing certain documents and papers is necessary at work. If you evaluate the cost of office supplies, you will realize that a considerable part of it goes into buying printing paper and cartridges. In fact, many businesses are having a hard time curtailing these costs. Below, we have discussed a few suggestions and tips that may come handy for saving money.

Replace old printers

Even the best printers wear out with time. Old printers often don’t work at the optimal levels, and as a result, the cost of printing per page increases considerably. Consider replacing printers, if required, instead of spending on frequent repairs and replacements of parts.

Buy a better printer

Contemporary printers for offices have all the features that you can probably imagine. From multiple functions, such as scan, copy, fax and print, you can also connect the printer with different PCs and laptops via a wireless network. All new models also come with a USB flash drive port and a memory card reader, so you don’t need a PC to send printing instructions. Also, some of the models in laser printers are designed to minimize cost per page, so if you need to print in huge volumes, you don’t have to bother about replacing the toner cartridge frequently.

Shop online

If you want to save on printing supplies, check online stores, such as 123ink.ca. Since the overheads of online retailers are limited, they can transfer the benefits to the buyers in form of better prices. Not to forget, you can shop for most brands and printer inks and cartridges. Some stores have special discounts and offers from time to time, which can be handy for bulk purchases. Online stores deal in all sorts of products, so even if a certain cartridge or printer is not available offline, you can always request for it.

Keep a check on use

Most business managers don’t keep a check on printing supplies in a specific format. Ever wondered why you are using such volume of printing paper each month? Can you automate some of the tasks or transform them into digital forms? If printing is inevitable, can you invest in a printer that offers duplex printing? Consider how you are using your printers at work, and you might be able to cut down the expenses significantly.

Check online for options in printing supplies and place your order now!